Accepted Papers for GeoAI 2018

List of Accepted Papers

1. Vehicle Point of Interest Detection Using In-Car Data

James Van Hinsbergh, Nathan Griffiths, Phillip Taylor, Alasdair Thomason, Zhou Xu and Alex Mouzakitis

2. Graph CNN + LSTM Framework For Macroscopic Traffic Congestion Prediction

Sudatta Mohanty and Alexey Pozdnukhov  

3. Enhancing Trip Distribution Prediction with Twitter Data: Comparison of Gravity and Neural Networks 

Nastaran Pourebrahim, Selima Sultana and Jean-Claude Thill           

7. Vision-based UAVs Aerial Image Localization: A Survey 

Xu Yingxiao, Chun Du, Jun Li, Ning Jing and Jiangjiang Wu        

8. A Deep Residual Network Integrating Spatial-temporal Properties to Predict Influenza Trends at an Intra-urban Scale

Guikai Xi, Ling Yin, Ye Li and Shujiang Mei          

10. Combining Satellite Imagery and GPS Data for Road Extraction 

Tao Sun, Zonglin Di and Yin Wang 

11. SKATER-CON: Unsupervised Regionalization via Stochastic Tree Partitioning within a Consensus Framework Using Random Spanning Trees

Orhun Aydin, Mark Janikas, Renato Assuncao and Ting-Hwan Lee

12. Multi-label Building Functions Classification from Ground Pictures using Convolutional Neural Networks 

Shivangi Srivastava, John Edgar Vargas Muñoz, David Swinkels and Devis Tuia          

16.  How Good is Good Enough? Quantifying the Effects of Training Set Quality

Benjamin Swan and Melanie Laverdiere

17. When GeoAI Meets the Crowd 

T. Edwin Chow     

19. A Novel Spatio-temporal Emotion Change Analysis Framework 

Karima Elgarroussi, Sujing Wang, Romita Banerjee and Christoph F. Eick Aconcagua