Cheng Liu

Senior Researcher

Dr. Cheng Liu’s major interests are in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), operations research, transportation modeling, algorithm design, supply chain management, software development, and high-performance geo-computing. He has work experience in the private sector, academics, and research laboratory. His experience in the private sector includes working as an operations research analysis in Fedex and principle software developer in Optum. While in FedEX, he was working on an optimization scheduler programs. Optum is a computer software company developing supply chain software for industry. At Optum he designed and developed transportation models and GIS interfaces for those supply chain software. He is also an adjunct associate professor in the Department of Geography at the University of Tennessee. He has taught a number of coursed in GIS software design, statistics methods, and GPS. At Oak Ridge National Laboratory, he has worked on the development of software scheduling systems for Air Mobility Command, GIS applications for freight flows in the United States, models for barge movements for the US Crops of Engineers while he was in the Center for Transportation Analysis. He joined the Geographic Information Science & Tech Group (GIST) on 2005 and has worked on emergency evacuation modeling, traffic simulation modeling, GIS data, model, and visualization scalability, and high-performance computing.

(865) 576-5593