Urban dynamics data

Population + Land Use

This building data for the state of Kano, Nigeria was created using a deep convolutional neural network trained from labeled buildings available via OpenStreetMap. The data has been made available in GeoJSON format, converted from the native output resolution of 0.5m, and accompanies the paper “Exploiting Deep Learning and Volunteered Geographic Information for Mapping Buildings in Kano, Nigeria”.

Dataset includes:

  • Imagery_Index.json
    • GeoJSON representing polygons with satellite image acquisition dates from which buildings were extracted
  • Tile_Reference.png
    • Overview displaying extent of each tile
  • Buildings_Tile_{1-14}.json
    • GeoJSON representing building outlines detected by the deep convolutional neural network for a given tile
  • KanoBldg_y500500_280.npy
    • Numpy array representing 280 training samples generated from OSM data for Kano, Nigeria
  • YaoBldg_y500500_540.npy
    • Numpy array representing 540 training samples generated from OSM data for Yaounde, Cameroon

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Energy Water Nexus

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Urban Resiliency

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