Diane Davidson

Group Leader, Transportation Planning and Decision Science






Specialty Research Areas:

  • Transit Operations and Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Travel Behavior
  • Rail and Waterway Freight
  • Multi-modal Planning and System Analysis

Current or Recent Work:

  • Federal Highway Administration - Freight Analysis Framework, version 3
  • Tennessee Department of Transportation - Urban Transit Systems Analysis
  • Department of Homeland Security - Ammonium Nitrate Security Standards for Rail
  • Federal Highway Administration - Congestion Pricing

Significant Publications:

"Effective Demand Management Services and Products", Proceedings, European Conference on Mobility Management, Bregentz, Austria, May 2000.

Guide to Effective Telemanaging; Guide to Successful Telecommuting; Guide to Establishing a Telecommuting Task Force; Final Report on Telecommuting Case Studies; Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development Energy Division, September 1997.

Commute Trends in Williamson County and the City of Franklin, Federal Transit Administration, March 1997.

"Federal Role in Transportation Demand Management under ISTEA2", White Paper for Institute of Transportation Engineers, 1996.

Corporate Amenities, Trip Chaining and Transportation Demand Management, Federal Transit Administration, 1994.

"Role of Site Amenities as TDM Measures", Transportation Research Record 1496, Public Transportation 1995.

"The Impact of Suburban Trip Chaining", Transportation Research Record 1321, 1991.