Jibonananda (Jibo) Sanyal

R&D Staff
Jibonananda Sanyal

Jibonananda (Jibo) Sanyal is the Team Lead for Scalable and High Performance Geocomputation in the GIST group at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He holds a PhD from Mississippi State University and was previously an R&D Staff in ORNL’s Building Technologies Research and Integration Center. His research at ORNL is at the intersection of simulation and modeling, high performance computing, data sciences, visualization, big-data, as well as sensors and model-predictive control with applications in geographic information sciences, building energy modeling, CHP, transactive controls, climate change, and advanced manufacturing. His prior research at the Geosystems Research Institute at Mississippi State University focused on developing uncertainty visualization techniques and creating operational tools for meteorological and hydrological ensemble simulations. He has a strong interest in devising sustainable solutions that bridge disciplines, that require synergistic connections across energy, water, geophysical, and anthropomorphic processes in our environment at local, regional, and global scales.

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