Supriya Chinthavali

Computer Scientist
Supriya Chinthavali

Supriya Chinthavali has been working as a computer scientist in ORNL since March 2010. She has multiple years of experience working on US-DOE and DOD sponsored projects like VERDE (Visualizing Energy Resources Dynamically on Earth), EARSS (Energy Awareness Resiliency and Standardized Services) and SPIDERS in the Energy domain at ORNL. Prior to ORNL, she worked for Delphi Automotive systems as an Advanced Software Engineer and developed embedded software in systems for Toyota and General Motors. Her research interests include information visualization of the electric grid and complex infrastructure systems, data and visual analytics, machine learning, and embedded systems. Supriya Chinthavali graduated with a B.S. in Electronics and Communications, M.S. in Automotive Embedded Systems from India and a M.S in CSE from Georgia Institute of Technology, USA (2015).

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