Bhaduri Awarded AAG Anderson Medal of Honor

Fri, 04/13/2018

Urban Dynamics Institute Director Budhendra “Budhu” Bhaduri has been selected by the American Association of Geographers (AAG) to receive the 2018 James R. Anderson Medal of Honor in Applied Geography. As the Applied Geography Specialty group’s highest honor, the Anderson Medal is awarded annually by the group’s board of directors for “highly distinguished service to the profession of geography” and recognizes career contributions across multiple sectors, including research, industry, education, and government.

ORNL’s Urban Dynamics Institute Director Budhendra Bhaduri awarded 2018 James R. Anderson Medal of Honor in Applied Geography by the American Association of Geographers.

Formal presentation of the award is scheduled during the AAG’s annual meeting in New Orleans, April 10–14. As an attendant honor, Bhaduri is invited to present this year’s Anderson Medal of Honor Distinguished Lecture.

A Corporate Research Fellow and group leader at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and AAG Fellow for [x] years, Bhaduri has demonstrated exceptional service to the science, application, and profession of geography throughout his career. He is internationally recognized for scientific achievements that include a pioneering, cross-disciplinary approach to infuse geography with computational science, driving innovation in population distribution and dynamics, geographic data science, and scalable geocomputation. His work has led to the development of critical technologies and data resources for energy and national security, emergency response, sustainable development, and other global applications for urban welfare and resilience.

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