Energy Water Nexus

energy and water


Maximize the efficiency, sustainability and resiliency of interconnected energy and water systems in the planning, development, and operation of urban infrastructures.

  •   Develop coupled modeling capability and integrated analyses of metropolitan energy and water systems structure and dynamics to reveal unforeseen risks, challenges, opportunities, and potential solutions to integrated energy and water systems designs and operations.
  •   Define energy and water systems technological and environmental challenges unique to the urban environment, develop techno-economic analyses for such challenges, and advance technological solutions for application within the urban domain.
  •   Characterize and synthesize the human behavioral aspects of energy and water system demand and investment to develop design and control solutions that leverage the emergent response of coupled energy and water systems.
  •   Quantify the net benefits, sustainability, and resiliency implications of coupling metropolitan energy and water systems within planning, development, and management functions in urban environments.
  •   Define and develop the sensor, data, multi-scaled models, and decision-making institutional structures that will enable metropolitan areas to realize potential benefits of strongly coupled energy and water systems.