Sustainable Mobility

sustainable mobility


Improve transportation sustainability, safety, and accessibility through enhanced understanding of the energy and environmental implications of emerging transportation systems and their interdependencies with other critical infrastructures.

  •   Provide the analysis towards improving mobility as an intermediate service and identify the ideal shared mobility by investigating the implications imposed by proximity and connectivity.
  •   Quantify the energy impact of connected and automated vehicles at the vehicle, corridor, regional, and national level for multiple scenarios and technologies.
  •   Integrate models of vehicle and fuel technologies with consumer preferences to understand the impact of individual and market behavior on future transportation systems, policies, and vice versa.
  •   Identify vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication and data analysis strategies that can increase traffic safety and reduce congestion.
  •   Characterize approaches that minimize intermodal transfer barriers for passengers and freight with traditional and emerging modes of transportations.